What happened to Roblox Football Fusion?

Roblox Football Fusion, which is one of the most popular football games on the platform, was taken down on December 3rd, 2021. This was pretty sudden and left players of the game with many questions. This has been happening more frequently lately due to the amount of interest that Roblox has gained over the recent years. Games like Shindo Life 2 and Anime Fighters Simulator were briefly removed due to copyright issues, and it appears that this is the case with Football Fusion.

It has been confirmed by members of the staff on the official Football Fusion Discord that the game received a DMCA takedown notice from the NFL. The NFL has recently partnered with Roblox, which makes it clear that they plan to do some various promotions on the platform.

Unfortunately, Football Fusion was using official uniforms and names from NFL teams in their game. This was always a violation of copyright, it’s just they got away with it until now. Developers of Roblox games need to understand that you can’t just use logos and characters from established franchises and expect not to get taken down eventually.

This is from Xstns who is one of the administrators of the Football Fusion Discord:

NFL filed a DMCA takedown on the game over the team logos. I’ve been expecting this since 10 days ago after the NFL partnered with roblox (https://www.roblox.com/users/3072530784/profile). However I considered it pointless to clean up the material so late since there are thousands of videos of the game with the copyrighted teams, and I heard there’s an easy process to recover from a takedown.

This is NOT the end of the game. This is only over the teams. I will work with Roblox to see if I can restore the original URL. If I simply need to reupload the game then I can do that within a week, although there would be data loss. I am contacting Roblox and ppl who have went through this and will update you often.

Refunds are not currently available and likely won’t be, however, you should still have your gamepasses once the game is re-opened:

Don’t talk to me about refunds. The gamepasses are still in your inventory so I can still check even in a separate game.

It sounds like the original URL for the game won’t likely be recovered according to Xstns:

As for recovering the original URL I’m not confident about that. Another game is going through the same situation and has spent nearly 2 months trying to do that. While I will be working on it in the background, my first plan is to simply reupload to a new game but with teams that are close imitations of the old teams.

It is unknown right now how long this process will take to remove all of the NFL assets and add imitations of the teams. Expect at least extended downtime while all of this takes place!